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“Sorry, did I say ‘everything’? I was meant to say ‘nothing’…”

I want to talk about this scene.

Because when you think about it, it really does say everything. Not in the way Donna meant, that she is vain and shallow and domineering (she is SO not), but in that her experiences of men have shaped what she wants in a man.

“Gorgeous, adores me and hardly ever speaks a word”

I don’t think Donna was ever physically abused by a partner, but it’s obvious, especially in ‘The Runaway Bride’, that she is particularly sensitive to verbal abuse (fucking Lance). Therefore, it makes perfect sense that she would want a man who has trouble speaking. 

We see in ‘Turn Left’ and ‘Journeys End’ that Donna does not feel that anyone is listening to her. In some respects, she’s right. She also believes that she’s ‘nothing special’, a dull person with very little to offer. So OF COURSE she wants someone who adores her, who hangs on her every word.

She just wants to be heard.

And I think the greatest tragedy of all was that the Doctor saw that. He heard her, he listened.

And she never knew.

She knew, but the she had to forget.

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→ But your sacrifice won’t be forgotten

omg all the tears

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I fucking love this

Fuck being polite about it, some dudes simply need this kick in the ass to keep it in their pants. :P

Golden Globes 2013 | Tina Fey and Amy Poehler




this should not have floored me but OH MY GOODNESS DID IT THOUGH

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The best part is that this is ONLY VOLUME 1! That means I have more than one new favorite book!

My favorite HP movie moment.

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